Oh Cluck!

Today we are looking at Oh Cluck! A chicken fighting card game fo 2-6 players. This game was provided for the purposes of this preview.


Oh Cluck! is a battle card game. The game is split into two decks as seen above. The players will draw a number of green rooster cards to form their coop. The number of roosters is decided by the number of players. Then the players get five of the blue action cards. Their are four types of action cards as shown in the picture below.


Above you see the main types of cards. The four types of action cards are Dodge, Attack, Counter, and Special. There are also a couple examples of rooster cards. Each rooster has unique health (feather), point value (eggs), and an ability of some kind. There are a couple unique cards but I do not want to spoil them.  The first player to score 12 points wins. Now battles are the real meat of the game. A player will select a rooster as target and play a card. It is important to note that you draw a new card immeadiately. Now the targeted player has a chance to counter that card. So this can actually go back and forth for a bit and adds a really nice sense of struggle to what could of been  War with chickens. Other players can also sometimes affect battles they are not involved in. It is possible to lose all your roosters before somebody scores 12 points. This means that you are eliminated. No worries the game plays quick enough that you will not be out for long.

So on to my thoughts. The game is quick to teach and quick to play. It is a perfect lunch break or party opener. I really like the art style and some of the humor is spot on. The cards are varied enough that you never quite know whats coming from your opponents hand. In short we had a ton of fun playing this game over lunch and I look forward to bringing it out at family get togethers. The preview copy I received is a few cards short of what they would like to ship backers. If you like a quick take that style game I feel more than comfortable recommending you take a look at this games kickstarter. The kickstarter will go live on the 25th of January 2018. Thank you all very much for your time and until next time play some games.


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