Dashing Crustaceans

Today we are looking at a prototype for Crab Dash. crab1

This is a racing and betting game for 3-6 players. You start by putting the six crabs in the center of the board. Like in the picture below. This was taken after the first movement of the game. crab2

You then remove the event cards from the deck of cards, shuffle, then deal three cards to each player.  You will then give each player a specified amount of pearls according the number of players. You then choose a color and are given ten betting cubes of that color. You will then make a token pool with four spill tokens and a number of reroll tokens equal to twice the number of players. You then assign a first player and place a betting cube on one of the six crab boards and then in reverse order do so once more. The board is divided into lanes and crabs will either move straight or sideways in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction depending on the dice roll. The board indicates the cost of betting depending on the location of the crab (one, two, or three) and also indicates the number of crabs that could be in a space (one, two, or three).

Now that you’ve set up your game its time to play. This is done by rolling the three dice. The white die indicates which two crabs and in what order they move. The red and blue dice indicate the number and or direction the crab moves. They also dictate whether you draw a card or reroll token. During your turn you may pay to place a betting cube either on a lane or crab card. You may also choose to play a card during your turn.

Now on to whether or not we had fun and what I think about the game. Let me open by saying that we had a lot of fun playing this game. The dice do a pretty good job actually imitating a hermit crab race. During our first play through the orange crab literally spun in circles in the middle of the board. This was a source of much laughing as bets were being made and adjusted. The cards have some nice effects that break up just the basic movements. A lot of the games strategy comes to the front in how you use reroll tokens and of course where and how often you bet. I fell victim to over zealousness when I decided the blue crab was destined for victory. He was not unfortunately. This game would definitely be something I would regularly play with my son but also deep enough that my adult friends enjoy it too. The art and pieces in the game are in the prototype stages so they may change. That being said I really like the art on the crabs. They exude great personality. I certainly enjoyed my time with this game and suggest ,if your interested in a good kids game or a game to open up your game night with, that you take a look at this game when it hits Kickstarter soon.


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