What does the Fox say?


Today we are taking a look at Kung-Pao Chicken. This prototype was provided by the designer for the purposes of this preview. This is a hidden role game with a twist. You don’t know what your role is but everyone else does. The gameplay is relatively simple. You pass out cards to each player as their role. Once done shuffle the remaining cards and deal cards to each player. You then play three rounds. On round one and three you will pass a card clockwise and then do so again. In round two you do the same thing only counter-clockwise. You then discard the left over cards face up in the middle of the table.  You then take turns playing your cards in each others barns or your own (you each have a barn card in front of you). At the end of the round if you were a fox you score for each chicken discarded from your barn, if you’re a chicken you get a point for each chicken left in their barn. Since all of the cards are played in secret you don’t know whats being played into your barn by other players. The cards work as follows. If you have a fox in the barn all chickens are discarded. If you have a dog and a fox, the fox is discarded and for each fox you must have a dog to counter it. It is that simple. Once the cards have been played you then guess whether you’re a fox or chicken. You score extra points if you guess correctly. That is the most basic explanation on how to play. Ok on the my personal thoughts.

So as I talk about this keep in mind that it is not the final product and some things may change before release. The art is very simple and as a result very easy to understand. It is language independent as the only card with text is a Kickstarter exclusive promo. While the game is simple there is fun to be had. Now on that note I will say the rules need to be improved as they were written poorly and thus more difficult to learn than necessary. The prototype I received also lacked the score card. Neither of these broke the game and the rules only complicated not ruined the experience. If I had to score the game as is I would probably give it a 6 or 7 mostly because of the rules.

So in closing its a fun and simple hidden role style game for up to 5 players. With a little work on rules clarification it will go from being ok to good. Definitely something I’ll enjoy playing again. Look for it on Kickstarter very soon. As always thanks for reading and game on.


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